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Hey Divas! Today I am making The top 5 Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 contestants as avatars. Make sure to tune in every Thursday to see who wins the show. If you didn’t know, one thing I love is drag queens. I love that you can be you in any shape or form. If you would like to make your own avatars, here is the link.  http://avatarmaker.com

Avatar made by me

The first avatar I made was Shangela. This is my favorite drag queen and the one in my opinion is the best and I think could have the potential of winning the show. I like her because her drag queen designs are so cool! Halleloo!

Avatar made by me

This avatar is Bebe Zahara. Bebe won the first season of Rupauls Drag Race but she still managed to get on All Stars season three. I personally think this queen should’ve gotten the chop a long time ago, but apparently the judges never asked for my opinion. I don’t like this queen because her lip syncs are terrible.

Avatar made by me

This queen is Trixie Mattel and I am very proud of this avatar. Trixie usually has a winged eye and I found an eye that sort of resembled hers. I like Trixie because her sewing is amazing. She’s not my favorite because she did do something not nice to Shangela and I still haven’t forgiven her.

Avatar made by me

This avatar is Morgan McMichaels. Morgan is personally one of my least favorite drag queens. My least favorite is Thorgy Thor, but that’s a whole other story. I don’t like Morgan because she said on the first episode she wasn’t going to play the game fairly and that’s not cool.

Avatar made by me

The last avatar I made was Kennedy Davenport. Kennedy is probably my second favorite queen besides Shangela. This queen I resembled quite well and I am proud. I like Kennedy because she is a loyal friend and she is very funny.

Thanks for reading and make sure to tune in every Thursday to see who wins the show and who gets the chop. Bye Kitty Girl!

5 Responses

  1. Dear Kenna,
    Woooooow! This post is super cool, I love how personal you get when you talk about which Drag Queens you like and which ones you don’t like. I also think that it’s cool how they made a show about the Drag Queens. In my opinion they look a little interesting but they are still super cool! When were you first introduced to Drag Queens?

    • Hi Camille,
      Thanks for reading my post. I was introduced to Drag Queens when I was around ten. Thanks for the nice comment,

  2. Bebe should have been given the chop a long time ago. It still hurts my heart that Shangela didn’t win. Now on to Season 10! Go, Monet!

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